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With our trucks of new specifications and with the right equipment, in combination with our experienced personnel, we offer greater value and higher efficiency in the domain of removals. We constantly modernize and renew our fleet, having at our disposal the following categories:

Courier vans 

18 vehicles of van type contribute to quickly serving small dispatches and small packages and in combination with their new technology (euro 5&6) they have access to the city.

Trucks of closed type

Trucks of the latest technology rightly equipped (hydraulic door, pallet truck etc) of various dimensions and tonnage for the removal of dry cargo.

Trucks with A.D.R. (Accord Dangereuses Route)

Appropriately equipped trucks according to ADR legislation (LINK YMES.GR) in combination with the driver’s certification they meet the prerequisites for the safe removal of dangerous cargo.


Modern trucks with a fridge or a freezer, with thermographers for the removal of fresh and refrigerated products in ideal temperature conditions.

Sliding – Scaling

Modern trucks – transporters with a curtain for the removal of large cargo.

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MET-KA Removal Company

2nd klm of Gennimatas Ave. (Oinois - Magoula Street)
CHAVOSSI, 196 00 Magoula Attica

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