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It’s time to redefine removal services.

Our aim is to offer our clients integrated removal services of high quality by combining flexibility and directness with the best possible cost.

Meet MET – KA ...

Super modern fleet of vehicles

All the vehicles of our company are covered by a merchandise insurance contract up to 150,000 € per cargo.

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Courier vans for small removals, sliding trucks for the removal of large cargo, trucks of closed type for the removal of dry cargo, trucks complying with ADR legislation for the removal of dangerous cargo and modern trucks, fridges or freezers, for the removal of fragile products.

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Update of Telematics Software

With our new system our clients can have remote access and monitor their cargo in real time and the location of each truck at any time!

MET-KA, being a leader in integrating new technologies, has a modern telematics system of removals in all its vehicles, offering:

  • quicker and safer removals
  • remote support for drivers
  • more effective coordination of the circulation flow
  • a global positioning system (GPS)
  • wireless transmission of data

Start to achieve
your goals
from today!

With a fleet of over 50 trucks, with our own facilities, our modern information technology systems
and an experienced work force, we are now leaders in the domain of removals,
as we remove and deliver merchandise within a specific time frame and with the least possible cost.

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Constant improvement
and social

Modern vehicles and information technology systems in order to improve our services.

Support of non-profit charity organizations with love and solidarity for the society and our fellow men.

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MET-KA Removal Company

2nd klm of Gennimatas Ave. (Oinois - Magoula Street)
CHAVOSSI, 196 00 Magoula Attica

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